Membership & Crewing Information

What to do if you are not a member and just want to try us out for size?

Membership fees


For our fiscal year Feb1/22 to Jan31/23 the Full Membership fee will be $75 per year (same as prev year). 

The Associate Member fee will remain at $25 .

Membership Application & Renewal form and Waiver of liability form

Rating Certificates:

New members are encouraged to sail with us whether or not they have a rating for their boat. However we do encourage people to get a certificate to ensure fair and competitive sailing. We can help you measure sails, etc. to apply for a rating.

They are issued by BC Sailing (see ) and cost $45.  For new members joining the club in 2020 who do not have a PHRF cert. we will refund the $45 paid on a one time basis - this refund policy is discontinued for next year since the fee reduction more than covers it.

We will accept a rating certificate for a period of 3 years from date of issue provided no significant changes have been made to the boat, rig, or sails.

For more information check the Sailing Instructions on our Club Racing pages.

We welcome new members.

If you are a skipper, not a member, and want to race your boat in one of our races there is no charge if you want to race a time or two to check it out. If you want to do that please send us an email or contact the Fleet Captain or one of the Exec members (See Contact Us page) who will advise you what to do. 

Before racing for the first time you must sign a liability waiver (the form is available on this link) before racing. It is helpful if you already have a rating certificate for your boat, or at least know what the usual rating is for like boats - but if you do not have one we will attempt to allocate one to you for your first race.

Membership types

Full Membership is for skippers of boats who wish to race their boat in our regular races.

Associate Membership is for sailors, or wannabe sailors, and which gives them first priority in crewing, plus free attendance at special events, and regular emails about races, etc.  Note - if you sail as crew you do not need to be a member unless you sail so regularly that you wish to become one.

What to do if you want to CREW?

We welcome those who want to crew, whether experienced or not. You do not have to be a member to crew - we just hope you will decide to become an Associate Member if you start sailing regularly in our races.

If you know one of our Skipper members who needs crew just go ahead and sail with them.

If you can't find a boat to sail on then the best option is to send us an email saying that you would like to crew. Our Fleet Captain will then give you a call. Based on that discussion we can, it you wish, add your contact information to our Crew Available and Wanted spreadsheet which is now available on this page for anyone to look at.  We will also add you to our racers email list so that you receive notices of races, etc.

Another option is to post a message to the Forum and see if anyone responds - however that would not get added to the spreadsheet so might not be useful in the long term.

If you are keen, a good thing to do is to go down to the Gibsons Marina docks  at about 10am on race days and talk to skippers preparing to sail and see if you can find a ride that way.

Here is the link to our Crew Available & Wanted list