Year-Round Sunday Series
 Sunday Series Schedule & Results

We're in one of those fortunate places that is possible to have year round sailing. So why not take full advantage of it. We offer four series covering each season of the year. Each series consist of eight Sunday races and the best seven will count. On cancelled races there won't be any make up race.

Our race procedure is simple: We pick a course that everyone follows. We all start at the same time. We report our elapsed time and we determine the positions after calculating the adjusted time for each boat using its PHRF rating.

For a more formal description check out the  Sailing Instructions document.

Also check out this excellent pdf document "The Basic Sailboat Racing Rules All Racers Should Know"

New - racers please note!
Pre-planned courses
Effective July 2020 we have pre-planned a number of courses which are intended to be used in both pursuit racing and in races where all boats start at the same time.
Here they are:
("IH" means "In-Harbour", "OS" means "Outside the Harbour).
IH-#1 In-Harbour short race,7.1 nm
IH-#2 In-Harbour longer race,8.4nm
IH-#3 In-Harbour to Mariner's Rest, 9.0 nm
IH-#4 In-Harbour to Hutt Rock, 9.0 nm
OS-#1 Outside and round the islands, 8.0 nm
OS-#2 Outside around Keats, variant, 8.7 nm
OS-#3 Outside Halibut Bank, 20 nm
Regatta 2020:
OS Outside Regatta 2020, 12.9 nm
IH In-Harbour Regatta 2020, 11.0 nm
IH In-Harbour Regatta 2020 Alternative 11.7 nm
Pursuit Race Start Times for the new courses
Click on this link to see a spreadsheet summary showing the pursuit race start times for all of the above listed courses and for all boats in the current fleet.
Note: This summary was updated on Aug 11, 2020








Current race series schedule

The 2020 Winter Series was concluded on March 15th.

Further SCYC racing has been suspended due to the Corona virus emergency but a few local sailors are continuing to race on an informal basis - open to anybody provided they follow Covid protocols.  If you are interested we can put you in touch with them.

Fall 2020 Series ON so far!

Since we are still living under the pandemic, we're cautiously restarting our regular Sunday series this fall. We'll update any changes as we continue to monitor the situation.

The series will consist of eight races with one discard. Cancelled races are not rescheduled. If more than one race is cancelled then discard is ignored and all non-cancelled races  count towards the result.

Race 1 - Sunday September 13

Race 2 - Sunday September 20

Race 3 - Sunday September 27

Race 4 - Sunday October 4

Race 5 - Sunday October 11

Race 6 - Sunday October 18

Race 7 - Sunday October 25

Race 8 - Sunday November 1

Announcement of series winners


The winner of the 2020 Winter Series was Aura (Tanzer 26), skipper Ignacio Vulliez.


2nd Namba (C&C39), skipper Mark Evans,

3rd Slopalong Placidly (Soling 27 O), skipper Peter Heiberg.

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