Year-Round Sunday Series
 Sunday Series Results

We're in one of those fortunate places that is possible to have year round sailing. So why not take full advantage of it. We offer four series covering each season of the year. Each series consist of eight Sunday races and the best seven will count. On cancelled races there won't be any make up race.

Race is simple - we pick a course that everyone follows. We all start at the same time. We report our elapsed time and we determine the positions after calculating the adjusted time for each boat using its PHRF rating.

For a more formal description check out the Sunday Series Sailing Instruction document.

Current Winter 2020 series schedule

Race 1 Sunday January 26

Race 2 Sunday February 2

Race 3 Sunday February 9

Race 4 Sunday February 16

Race 5 Sunday February 23

Race 6 Sunday March 1

Race 7 Sunday March 8

Race 8 Sunday March 15

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