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Year-Round Sunday Series
 Sunday Series Schedule & Results

We're in one of those fortunate places that is possible to have year round sailing. So why not take full advantage of it. We offer four series covering each season of the year. Each series consist of eight Sunday races and the best seven will count. On cancelled races there won't be any make up race.

Our race procedure is simple: We pick a course that everyone follows.  Sometimes we all start at the same time and sometimes we have pursuit races where the slower boats start first. In the case of one start races we report our elapsed time and we determine the positions after calculating the adjusted time for each boat using its PHRF rating. In the case of pursuit races the finish order is the race result.

For a more formal description check out our  Sailing Instructions document  (updated Feb07/22 re use of engine in emergency)

Also check out this excellent pdf document "The Basic Sailboat Racing Rules All Racers Should Know"

Pre-planned courses
Effective July 2020 we have pre-planned a number of courses which are intended to be used in both pursuit racing and in races where all boats start at the same time.
Here they are:
("IH" means "In-Harbour", "OS" means "Outside the Harbour).

Check out our new courses page!

See Regatta page for 2022 Regatta course diagrams.

Pursuit Race Start Times matrix
Effective Sept 1/21 we have replaced the previous start times listing with a spreadsheet in the form of a matrix where knowing the course length and your PHRF rating (to the closest 5 secs) you can look up your start time. This system is fully described in our August 2021 Newsletter - please check that out if you have any questions.
Click here to see the new matrix.

Recent race results

Mar 26, ad-hoc: 9 boats around Pasley Islands (btwn Ragged - Mickey). Winners: Aura, Topless and Jane's Addiction.

Winter 2023 series.

Overall winners:

1. Aura

2. Ruckus

3. Aria

Race #8, Mar 19: 11 boats sailing OS 4 course. Top 3 boats in the race: Topless, Ruckus & Aria.

Race #7, Mar 12: 8 boats sailing a modified in-harbour race. Top 3 boats in the race: Topless, Ruckus & Aura.

Race #6, Mar 5: According to David P.: "Good wind for most of the race. The sun came out and we were blessed by 4 killer whales.". 4 boats raced and the first 3 were: Aura, Aria & Ruckus.

Race #5, Feb 26: Cancelled due to weather.

Race #4, Feb 19: 4 boats sailed in a light breeze a short in-harbour course. Top 3 boats: Aura, Jane's Addiction and Aria.

Race #3, Feb 12: Cancelled due to rain and fog.

Race #2, Feb 5:  Seven optimistic crews turned out to race on a wet day with no wind. We had to cancel but well done all on Aria, Topless, Jane's Addiction, Shen, Aura, Mandala, and Ruckus for being keen enough to go out and try.

Race #1, Jan 29: 5 boats showed up for the first race of the winter series. We sailed in light winds an in-harbour race (Green Lady to Hopkins and back). Top 3 boats: Aura, Ruckus and Mandala.

Ad-hoc races 

Jan 22: 6 boats out in very light wind (again) for short In-Harbour race. Line honours Topless and  on corrected time

1 Shen, 2 Topless, 3 Sunshine

Jan 15: 6 boats for modified IH-1 course. Wind v light to start but improved.Line honours Sunshine and on corrected time

1 Aria, 2 Mandala, 3 Sunshine

Jan 8: Cancelled due to heavy rain.

New Year's Day 2023: The perfect way to start the year. Seven crews for some very close racing in light wind with Mandala smartly taking the shoreside route up to Hopkins Landing and holding on for line honours.

1. Aria 2. Mandala 3. Ruckus

Dec 11 (our last race of 2022):  7 boats on course OS#4.  Very light wind to start with then dark clouds, wind up to 20kn, and rain. Everybody stuck it out and finished in fine style. Jane's Addiction, Mandala, and Ruckus crossing the line within minutes of each other.

1. Aura

2. Aria (3rd on TOD)

3 Ruckus (2nd on TOD)

Dec 04:  Cancelled due to ice and lack of wind.

Nov 27: 6 boats. Modified IH1 course. Good wind.

1. Ruckus

2. Aria


The same order on both TOT and TOD


Nov 20: Abandoned due to lack of wind


Nov 13: 6 boats out on a beautiful day to sail course OS#4.

On TOT (Time On Time) corrected time

 1. Topless

  2. Aura

  3. Aria

Fall 2022 Series Results

Nov 6 Final race in the series. 7 races sailed and one cancelled.

Overall Winners:

  1. Jane's Addiction

  2. Elan

  3. Sunshine



Sep 11: Annual Halibut bank race. 6 boats participated. The race timeout out at 4:30pm and no boat crossed the finish line. 


Summer 2022 Series Results

Overall winners:

  1. Topless 🥇

  2. Aria 🥈

  3. Jane's Addiction 🥉


May 29: Ad-hoc race, 6 boats, IH #3 course​. Started at 11am and canceled at 12:15 for lack of wind.


Spring 2022 Series Results

Overall winners:

  1. Hara II 🥇

  2. Shen 🥈

  3. Jane's Addiction 🥉


Mar 27. Ad-hoc race, 8 boats, course OS 4.

  1. Namba

  2. Aria

  3. Jane's Addiction 


Winter 2022 Series Results

Overall winners:

  1. Jane's Addiction 🥇

  2. Hara II 🥈

  3. Aria 🥉


Ad-hoc races

Nov 14: 9 boats, In-Harbour course

   1st Aura, 2nd Hara II, 3rd Take 5.

Dec 05: 9 boats, In-Harbour course. Ice on the docks.

   1st Sunshine, 2nd Ruckus, 3rd Jane's Addiction

Dec12: 9 boats, In-Harbour. A very tight race with 6 boats finishing within minutes on corrected time.

   1st Sunshine, 2nd Ruckus, 3rd Jane's Addiction

Dec19: The last race of the season on a perfect winter day. 7 boats on an inspired in Harbour Course.  Everybody won this one!

Jan01: New Year's Day race cancelled due to ICE!

Jan09: 7 boats out on a perfect sunny day (amazing considering the recent weather). 1st Ruckus, 2nd Hara II, 3rd Jane's Addiction

Fall 2021 Series Results

R1 Sept 19: 5 boats, course OS#4.

   1st Jane's Addiction, 2nd Aura, 3rd Hara II

R2 Sept 26: Cancelled due to weather

R3 Oct 3: 9 boats, pursuit start, course IH#6 10.8nm.

  1st Aura, 2nd Namba, 3rd Ruckus

R4 Oct 10: 8 boats, modified course IH#2 using a buoy at Harbour Bluff as an experiment. A glorious fall day but with very gusty, shifty, wind.

   1st Take 5, 2nd Topless, 3rd Ruckus.

R5 Oct17 and R6 Oct 24: Cancelled due to weather

R67 Oct31: 10 boats on course OS#4 and on a most beautiful day.

   1st Ruckus, 2nd Aura, 3rd Elan

R8 Nov07: Cancelled due to weather.

We decided not to add additional make-up races and declared the winners with 4 races run: 1st Aura, 2nd Jane's Addiction, 3rd Ruckus. 

2nd Annual Halibut Bank 20 mile race, Sept 12.

Ten boats started and seven finished. Well done everybody who came out in the windy and wavy conditions.

1st Topless, 2nd Jane's Addiction, 3rd Hara II.

Ad-hoc races

Aug 29: 5 boats.

1st Topless, 2nd Aria (good to see Aria in the winner's circle), 3rd Hara II

Sep 05:- cancelled

Summer 2021 Series Results

Eight races were run with an average of 8 boats per race.

Overall winners for the series:

Topless, as usual, was a consistent performer but didn't have it all it's own way with Namba, Blusail, and Take 5 all winning races.

1st Topless

2nd Hara II

3rd Jane's Addiction

Spring 2021 Series Results

Overall winners:

1st Namba, C&C 39, Mark and Denise Evans

2nd Ruckus, Martin 242, Dave Pritchard and Ted Bentley

3rd Topless, Catalina 37, Bob and Rebecca Armstrong

The Winter Series 2021 

​Winter 2021 Series Results

Overall winners:

1st Jane's Addiction, Rolf Braun

2nd Sunshine, Marc Soprovitch

3rd Hara II, Peter Heiberg

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