Year-Round Sunday Series
 Sunday Series Schedule & Results

We're in one of those fortunate places that is possible to have year round sailing. So why not take full advantage of it. We offer four series covering each season of the year. Each series consist of eight Sunday races and the best seven will count. On cancelled races there won't be any make up race.

Our race procedure is simple: We pick a course that everyone follows.  Sometimes we all start at the same time and sometimes we have pursuit races where the slower boats start first. In the case of one start races we report our elapsed time and we determine the positions after calculating the adjusted time for each boat using its PHRF rating. In the case of pursuit races the finish order is the race result.

For a more formal description check out our recently revised  Sailing Instructions document.

Also check out this excellent pdf document "The Basic Sailboat Racing Rules All Racers Should Know"

Pre-planned courses
Effective July 2020 we have pre-planned a number of courses which are intended to be used in both pursuit racing and in races where all boats start at the same time.
Here they are:
("IH" means "In-Harbour", "OS" means "Outside the Harbour).
IH-#1 In-Harbour short race,7.1 nm
IH-#2 In-Harbour longer race,8.4nm
IH-#3 In-Harbour to Mariner's Rest, 9.0 nm
IH-#4 In-Harbour to Hutt Rock, 9.0 nm
OS-#1 Outside and round the islands, 8.0 nm
OS-#2 Outside around Keats, variant, 8.7 nm
OS-#3 Outside Halibut Bank, 20 nm
Regatta 2020:
OS Outside Regatta 2020, 12.9 nm
IH In-Harbour Regatta 2020, 11.0 nm
IH In-Harbour Regatta 2020 Alternative 11.7 nm
Pursuit Race Start Times for the new courses
Click on this link to see a spreadsheet summary showing the pursuit race start times for all of the above listed courses and for all boats in the current fleet.
Note: This summary was updated on OCT 24, 2020 (new fleet boat HARA II, Beneteau Figaro I, 123; ELAN, increase rating from 251 to 263;  TURNING POINT, increase rating from 189 to 279).








Racing during the pandemic

The SCYC stepped back from running races during the Spring and Summer of 2020 and fortunately some local sailors stepped up to do it, including introducing pursuit races, which have proven to be popular.   We have not reported the results of these races on this website.


However, effective Oct 27, we have adopted a COVID-19 policy, and included it into our revised Sailing Instructions, and we are now going to resume running the racing and reporting results on this website.

Racing Fall 2020 

The Fall Race Series started on Sept.6TH and finished on November 8th.  19 boats in all competed with an average of 11 boats per race.

Click on this link to see the series results

Congratulations to Bob Armstrong and crew on TOPLESS who convincingly won the series with 9 points total.

And congrats to runners up RUCKUS - Dave Pritchard (34 points), and SUNSHINE - Marc Soprovich (35 points).

Current racing

We've been running ad-hoc races, not part of a series during the winter/holiday season.

Nov 15 race:  Nine boats; non-pursuit; Outside course around the Islands.

!st Ruckus, 2nd Hara II, 3rd Matilda

Nov 29th race:  11 boats out for In Harbour #1 course (pursuit) but shortened due to very light wind to start with. 

1st Hara II, 2nd Jane's Addiction, 3rd Alatus

Dec 06 race:  10 boats on a cloudy drizzly morning for IH-#1 course; pursuit.

1st Topless, 2nd Jane's Addiction, 3rd Namba

Dec 13 race:  Cancelled

Dec 20 race: 13 boats, OS#1 course, shotgun start.

1st Namba, 2nd Topless, 3rd Mandala

Jan 1/Jan 3: Planned New Year Day race cancelled due to weather.

Jan 10 race: 6 boats, IH#1 course, shotgun start.

1st Matilda (well done Anna on your first win), 2nd Mandala, 3rd Namba

Jan 17 race: 10 boats, OS#1 course, shotgun start.

1st Jane's Addiction, 2nd Aura, 3rd Matilda

One more race to go on Jan 24th and then we start the 2021 Winter Series of 8 races on Jan 31st.

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