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Pre-planned courses

Effective Sept 1/21 we have replaced the previous start times listing with a spreadsheet in the form of a matrix where knowing the course length and your PHRF rating (to the closest 5 secs) you can look up your start time. This system is fully described in our August 2021 Newsletter - please check that out if you have any questions. 


Click here to see the new matrix.

Course IH 1

In-harbour short course

Course IH 2

In-Harbour longer course

Course IH 3

In-Harbour to Mariner's Rest

Course IH 5

around Hutt Island

Course IH 6

In-Harbour around Bowen rock

Course OS 1

Outside the Harbour and around the Islands

Course OS 2

Around Keats with a twist

Course OS 3

Outside Halibut Bank

Course OS 4

Outside short race, around Worlcombe,

Course OS 5

Outside long around Worlcombe & Popham

Course OS 6

Outside around all the islands, including Hutt

Course OS 7

Outside around all the islands, excluding Hutt

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