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Remy Delisle
Mar 19, 2022
In Crew wanted & available
Hi There . My Name Is Remy 34. Bilingual French Canadian. I just moved to Sechelt from my last 15 years in Alberta to work here and learn the ways of the seas! Im a talented Jack of all trades master of some! 6'1" Fit Knowledable and capable " Adrenaline Junky" Backcountry Skiier, dirt biker, fisherman, hunter, sledder, Avid expedition seeker! Wanting to learn to become skipper from scrath. I have little sailing experience Hands on with 2 skipper and crew on a 10 day trip crisscrossing the strait of georgia 60' Dufour 10 Days out. One of the Skipper Marla was a teacher we hired for the trip. 2 of those day was a full crossing in a big storm with the storm sail and all. And So I got hooked Big time and got some basics. I would like to develop and persue a carrer in the futur in the industry and most likely live abroad. Shoot me a msg if your looking for a crew member to help out on your trips . I would love to learn gather more knowlede and be part of your expedition! Cheers!
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