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General information about crewing:

We welcome people who want to crew. You do not need to be experienced. You do not need to be a member unless you crew regularly.

The purpose of this page is to provide a way for those who want to crew to signify their interest, and a way for skippers looking for crew to do likewise.  Fill out the applicable form below and our Fleet Captain will contact you by phone or email.

We will keep a register of interested crew and interested skippers - you may choose whether or not you want us to keep your information private or whether to have it listed on this page. The register will be maintained by our Fleet Captain who will endeavour to introduce interested crew to interested skippers. After that it is between crew and skipper to decide what to do - the SCYC has no role, or responsibility, beyond that.

Please fill out if interested in crewing

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Please fill out if you are a skipper willing to provide crewing opportunities

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