Off Sunday Series Races

To add spice and throw a mix to our regular Sunday Series, we're introducing three different race format. These race formats are organized outside of the Sunday Series and mainly meant to add some variety and fun.


The format of this race is to start boats at different times according to their PHRF rating but finish at the same time. The slower boats start first and the faster boats start later so that in theory all boats should finish at the same time.  Of course things will never actually go according to theory - ratings are not perfect and differences in wind and weather between boats starting at different times will play a part. 

View the spreadsheet we have calculated for a five mile race which shows the slowest rated  boat starting at 11am and the faster boats starting there after.


The format of this race is also to have all boats finish together and to accomplish this in a very simple way.  One of the turning marks of the course is announced as the BOOMERANG MARK and the first boat to round that mark calls “BOOMERANG” on the VHF when it has rounded that mark and then all the boats turn around immediately and retrace their course - so again, in theory, everyone should finish at the same time. The big benefit of the Boomerang race is that it is very easy to organize since everyone starts at the same time.


The format of this race is to start boats at the same time but the skippers may choose how to go around the course provided they go around all the marks.  It can only be used where the course is essentially a circuit - one can choose to go around clockwise or anticlockwise and one can choose whether to take marks to port or starboard.  Boats report elapsed time and have their adjusted time calculated in the usual way.

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